Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Serving the Servers

Tonight I was off after work to the Cathedral (aka the Big Cauld Church in the West End) for the Edinburgh Servers General Meeting.  By Edinburgh, I mean everything in the Diocese that isn't in the Borders (their servers come under the Fraternity of St Boisil and ain't our problem!).  The meeting lasted just over 1/2 an hour and we ended up with the old Committee + a new Treasurer (aka the Guardian of the Sacred-Sock-under-the-Bed-with-the-pennies-in-it) & 3 new (and tell it not in Gath) and slightly younger members!  The good thing about it was that it was a gathering from all over the diocese: Falkirk, the various City churches (St Ninian's, St John's Princes St, St Michael's, the Cathedral, St Peter's and St Mark's Portobello) and even Haddington.  Sometimes you start to think that servers only exist in the Spike Shops so it was good to see some broad representation at a do.  We finished with Compline in the Lady Chapel which is lovely in the quiet and shadow - even if it is utterly perishing!

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