Monday, 20 February 2012

Touristy Pleasures!

File:Prospect of Edinburgh Castle from the East (c.1753).jpg

It was off to the Castle today.  Rachel hasn't been round it, so we hit it on the Historic Scotland/English Heritage memberships.  Sadly St Margaret's lovely wee 12 century Chapel was closed for renovations so we had to make do with the stunning Scottish National War Memorial (see below) designed by Sir Robert Lorimer.  We looked up the 2 uncles I never met due to WW2 ending their lives and discovered that Uncle Willie wasn't in the RAF and lost over the Ruhr in 1943 - he was in the Black Watch and it was Sicily.  Uncle Andrew was Caen 1944 also with the Watch.

File:Edinburgh 1130012 nevit.jpg

We also saw the Royal Scots and Scottish National War Museums instead.  Plus the Great Hall and the Royal Apartments.  Oh yes, and the Scottish Crown Jewels.  The cafe is rather expensive and is called  "The Redcoat" which causes mild Jacobite indigestion! But the soup was nice and didn't!

Our meet up with an old friend was supposed to be at Peckham's in Bruntsfield but it has closed so we had to cross the road to find coffee and chocolate cake!  Hopefully that solves the Best man conundrum in plenty of time.

Less pleasantly, my wee brother has been carted off to the local Infirmary for tests after passing out.  He's been struggling with stomach pains for a while and has been dosed with assorted remedies which ain't working.  He's in overnight whilst they wait for a radiographer and results back tomorrow so hold him in your prayers please.

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