Monday, 2 June 2008

Random thoughts

Thanks to Chris for making me think my life was terribly sedate and dull! Just to prove different, I went to the gym today and looked faintly athletic in my M&S swimming trunks! No pics available, so here's one of me in vestments instead!

Strange things I've noticed recently & random thoughts:

On the SEC page on Scottish Christian there's an advert for a firm of Private Eyes. Is this the latest cunning wheeze from Mission and Ministry to help us hunt down lapsed members?

Why do Presbyterians think typing 'Pentecost 2' on the Sunday sheet makes them Liturgical?

Why do some people remember Sung Mattins with affection?

Why do we exist?


  1. I shall dream of your athletic self as I thrash up and down the pool in my "chlorine-resistant" cozzie!

  2. One woman's dream may well be another fellah's nightmare!