Saturday, 26 July 2008

Holy Annie, God's Grannie, Ora Pro Nobis!

Well, it is her feast day. And she did exist (logically had to if the BVM did). Can't say I'm convinced that that was her real name, although it could have been - I just dislike agreeing with Proto-Gospel's dating from the 2nd century CE. So we had a wee Eucharistic celebration, then a funeral and then a hospital visit and then on to do the pew sheet as our activities for this lovely Setterday. Did get out to slurp coffee with Ma, so it wasn't all work.

And tomorrow day? The usual services, plus an Inter-Faith Family Picnic in the park. Plus a pal is popping over from Alva later in the afternoon. Jim is the Parish Minster there and we did our BD's at Aberdeen in the 80's. He was that rarity in a conservative Evangelical dominated Faculty - a Presby who was also a human being, enjoyed a laugh and didn't think Piskies were going to hell! So we'll catch up on old pal's, discover who's still got their own hair, who's not yet been unfrocked and do all the gossipy things the clergy do when they get together!

Following on from yesterday's blog, I have to withdraw my comments about NSM's being nuts. The Autocephalous Patriarch of Dumbarton wants to jump out of an airypalne with Ann and I. So it's now official: all Pisky clergy are nuts. But we knew that anyway.

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