Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Leisure unlimited!

After Sunday's Inter-Faith picnic (like Sunday skool, only with turbans and those nice samosas South Asian's eat at home, rather than feed to the public in yer local curry house - yum!), I went off to meet me old mucker Jim at his Manse, eat pizza and discover which of our class mates were dead/fat/divorced and/or unfrocked. Good fun. He is now a grandad but only because he married a wife with 2 kids from a previous marriage (phew! Means we're not that old then!)
The official day off started with a bereavment interview but improved with a swim and a sauna and then off to Central park to watch the Blue Brazil defeat the Hibees 2-0!!! No, this is not a typo and I was both sober and drug-free when spectating - we beat a premier league side! What worried me in all seriousness was they didn't really stress the BB's until the last 20 minutes and even then, not much. There will be no sunshine over Leith this season if they can't worry Cowden!
And today a wee funeral and then a treat for myself - I've booked in at the health centre for a massage!


  1. Saunas, swimming, massages, gossiping with friends over coffee and crumpet... are you sure it's Falkirk you're in and not LA?

    As far as the Hibs go, well everyone is beating them just now, and even Partick Thistle Nil would get a no-score draw out of them!

  2. Nope, definitely Falkirk not LA! It is what you make it. I even took in the new Batman film! Excellent!