Monday, 14 July 2008

Mondays' are my day off...

usually. But today was a bit different. Being as today was the 175the anniversary of the start of the Oxford Movement, I decided to join the day of prayer in thanksgiving for it by opening the Church for an hour and inviting anyone who was free to join me in an hour of silent prayer, concluding with a Eucharist. 2 did which was nice. I said Mattins (silently), read Keble's Assize sermon (if he could see the state of the nation today, he'd see a rather nearer approximation to National Apostasy than Gladstone's suppressing some Irish sees!) and then we sang "Blest are the Pure in heart" before celebrating the Holy Mysteries. Rather nice and I'm sure the deceased Hon Canon of Cumbrae who festival today was would have approved.

Then to hospital to visit Sadie one of our old dears who had had a fall and is awaiting physio. Must encourage peeps to visit her as I'm the only visit she's had since going in on Thursday. And then by train to the Cathedral for a Festal Evensong to welcome our visiting Bishop's and spice (spouse is singular, spice plural). Excellent singing - Introit Stanford "O for a closer walk", versicle's Rose, Canticles Dyson in D, anthem Ireland "Greater love hath no man". We then sang "Thy hand O God has guided" very lustily, blessed all the Bishop's with some Rutter and sent them off to Lambeth by bus (via a drinks party in the Resurrection Chapel) to the rousing sound of Brewer's Marche heroique!! Although the Dambuster's March might have been more fitting!

Chit chat with the folks assembled followed. Ye Provost looked at me and said "Why are you here?" "Well, it helps to pass the time" I murmured. He laughed and remarked at least I was honest! A.N. Other (who had seen me at the Prayer Book Society AGM) asked if the service was the BCP I approved of. Answer: yes, with a good choir and bucket loads of incense!

On the train back I read that Scotland has got the kiddies Olympics in 2011. In Lanarkshire. They're going to have Youth Olympics in Airdrie and Coatbridge. Aye. Right. Sponsored by Buckfast Abbey? Replacing the discus with s deep fried pizza? How will they tell the track suited and trainer ed competitors apart from the natives? (Answer: Olympians don't wear Burberry baseball caps).

You've got to laugh!

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