Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Some day off!

I transferred the day off to Tuesday. That lasted until 9am when I had to get the plumber to deal with a leak in the Curate's flat. So I passed the time whilst Tommy the plumber plumbed by sorting out some arrangements for our post Lambeth Bishop's visit. The problem was our original (+Indianapolis) had to call off due to ill health. So we have got a replacement. Admittedly one day later (7th not 6th August, so I'll have to move the Feast of the Transfiguration) and at 7pm not 7.30 (ease of catering). But we've swapped the Bishop of Indianapolis for the Archbishop of Burma, so fair dos!

Having walked the dog and discovered mum wasn't coming over I decided to be definitely leisurely or I'd have lost the whole day off thing totally. Off for lunch in a cafe & a swim and a sauna, before deciding to go home for a bit prior to going to the cinema to watch Mamma Mia! Big Mistake. I had to get Willie the electrician to deal with a fused bathroom light in the Curate's flat. By the time I got to the cinema, they were totally sold out for Mamma Mia! Scrub that plan and go for a nice steak. Which sort of made up for it.

Back to work tomorrow then!


  1. You found a plumber! Can I have his number?

  2. Only aaplies if you resident in Central Scotland!