Friday, 11 July 2008

Ministry to the almost famous.

The hidden life of my little flock never ceases to amaze me. Last night at a pastoral care group meeting we were discussing one of our peeps who we hadn't seen for a bit. Then it emerges he has a secret life as a film extra. And appears on screen in the Da Vinci Code! So the DVD was switched on, the disc inserted and a search of the scene in question made. And there he was! In the Roslyn Chapel when Audrey Tatou meets her granny. Awesome!

Mind you, not as scary as the time when as a curate I was chatting to an old dear who was in a nursing home and mentioned I fancied trying parachuting. "Yes, it's quite exciting" she said. She was 77, which begged the question "Olive, when did you go parachuting?" "Over France in 1943" came the reply. My sweet little old lady was a former SOE agent! Woe betide the mugger who tried to nick her purse! Dead as a German sentry!
See never can tell!

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