Monday, 21 July 2008

Saying your prayers.

I've got back recently into the habit of saying my daily office in Church. But, following a blog chat with the Autocephalous Patriarch of Dumbarton (aka Fr Kenny), I've reverted to the 1929 Prayer Book, rather than the 1990 or even the Roman Office. And I'm getting something unexpected (but good) from the old book. When praying the office alone, I always feel as if I'm talking to a void. But with 1929, the sheer beauty and rolling cadences of the Psalms as translated by Coverdale simply transport me. I am enjoying spending time praying the office. I suppose it's a case of "pray as you can and not as you can't" and don't worry if it ain't PC or modern. It's really between you and God, so get on with it and enjoy. And the thanksgiving for favourable weather got used this morning as it's nice and sunny! Plus, I've added a wee recital of the Rosary onto the office each evening for the duration of the Lambeth Conference. They need the prayers!

BTW I'd be grateful, if you could pray for my cousin's wife Margo, who is very ill with terminal cancer. She really is in a dreadful state just now.

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