Thursday, 24 July 2008

Scary people, NSM's.

And I should know! My 1st one was Welsh - and couldn't sing! Now I've got a Kenyan who has a PhD from UC Berkeley. That's OK. It's the wumman who scared me this morning!

Ann is a treasure. But after the 10am Mass, at which she celebrated and preached (and did a good wee sermon on St James), she tried to talk me into jumping out of an airyplane again, the next time there is a big humanitarian emergency. Fair enough, I've often said I'd love to go parachuting again. But her plan is that we BOTH do it! She's 69 - my mum is 69!

It's official - she's even crazier than I am folks!!!


  1. If you go for it.. so will I! I'm with you both! A terrific chance to raise big money for my Gambian School! Now, let's all sign up! There must be other Pisckie bloggers out there wh are just desperate for this opportunity!

  2. That sounds ideal to me! Mind you, all participants will be thereafter officially designated "High Anglicans" forever! Can St Augie's cope? (or even mitre?) Just tell them it hee-haw to do with incense Kenny - it refers solely to the 10,000 feet we shall have fallen out of the airyplane at!

  3. I'm fair champin at the bit!

  4. It took me 5 minutes to realise that NSM meant Non stipend!

    Sounds like a good idea, I'd jump if someone else did!