Sunday, 2 August 2009

Surprises galore

An unexpected 1st on Saturday: whilst visiting Mum I discovered the Blue Brazil were playing Morton at home and I took myself off to the game. That doesn't sound very exciting, until I recall that I haven't been anywhere near a game since March and the last time I tried, I suddenly clammed up and cowered in the house all afternoon and evening. Perhaps being able to sail under my own steam to Central Park is a measure of some level of recovery. A pity we lost 3-1 and are out of that cup competition. And the steak pies were overcooked. Bummer!

Totally out of the blue, friends from my Glasgow days I haven't seen for ages turned up. They were on holiday and had gone to Falkirk expecting to find me at Church but tracked me down via the Wardens and dropped in. I was utterly gob smacked and delighted. Scarily, their tiny daughter whose teddy bear in a Franciscan habit I used to bless at the altar rail is now 17 and looking at University campuses. God, I am getting older! Still M is proof that one can go out of parish ministry, survive and still have a life and be a priest. Maybe they were sent as much they came. Thanks God.


  1. It's brilliant when this stuff happens, and, no, I don't mean Cowdenbeath getting gubbed!

  2. I know: God-incidences I've heard them called. Now there's a made up word I like!