Monday, 26 October 2009

How long has that been there?

Talk about not noticing things and being self obsessed! I have been going into my psychoanalysist's den for several months. Only today did I note the tastefully positioned complete works of Freud. Sheesh! I never even saw the decor (not a surprise) but I am something of a book nut and missing that was surprising. I am however more aware of there being some form of blockage in my (perceived or even self perceived) ability to relate to others ( I want to talk about what I feel, I start to talk about how i feel and then... the cut off switch kicks in) and what it is I do not know. What I do with it (or indeed about it) I have no absolutely no idea. Work in progress?

Watching all the glorious fuss in the Press re the Apostolic Constitution is amusing. My old Bishop in London (Bwana Broadhurst) has said George Carey is a "moaner" Now I ask you, is that anyway to talk about the nice Primate who consecrated you and the wee guy with the bongos who went to York eventually (I know, cos I was there in St Paul's when it all happened!)? David Starkey thinks it's all a plot to stick up two fingers on the 5ooth anniverary of Henry VIII. Mate, I doubt that was anywhere near Pope Benny's mind when he dreamed up this wheeze. I am so glad I am not a priest of the Church of England!

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  1. Work in progress?

    Always! Here's hoping that you're new awareness of his books, his decor, leads to more discoveries. I have found that's the beginning of how one starts to recover the ability to relate to others. Cheers!