Sunday, 11 October 2009

Unexpected graces.

One of the little joys of life at the moment has been the freedom to do SFA on a Sunday morning. At first, this was simply a case of being burnt out and churched out (say Mattins and leave it at that), thence to a Quaker meeting to rediscover the refreshing presence of God in silence and then to the comparative anonymity of a large parish where I was fairly unknown and where there were two doors to leave through if I felt I couldn't face socialising or chit chat. Well, I stood in reading a lesson and taking up the elements, but that has been my total public liturgical functioning since March. And that has been absolutely fine by me. It also means I can choose where to go to Church rather than go where I am posted.

This morning I popped along to Spiky Mike's. Decided I fancied some incense rather than a good hymn sing. (Not that they're bad, but Morningside have the occasional more contemporary hymn which I like. But the statue worshippers do the Mass settings really beautifully - Schubert in G this morning). Again, the sermon seemed to be aimed right at me or made for me. Given that this has been happening recently when I have attended, that wasn't an unexpected grace. What was unexpected was the Rector's invitation afterwards: "John, would you like to say Mass sometime?" Still a priest, still valued, not rejected - a grace I expected at some point, but not this soon. God is good and his/her/it's mercy endures forever.


  1. Cheers! I have my own happy thoughts about Spiky Mile's - glad to add yours to them.