Monday, 26 October 2009

Saying goodbye and the healing of tears.

I suppose I'm really due a post on what went down on Wednesday last. It went very well , but was very emotional for me. I suppose the first surprise was how full the Church was and it was good to see so many folks from the other local churches present (my occasional whinges about ecumenical worship aside!). It was also very moving to have someone come up and say "We failed you too". I actually don't see that they did as I was too far sunk in my own depths in someways to hear and accept and ask for support. However, that may be something for the mature judgement of posterity. The other truly moving bit was a young family. They said "It was you who got us in here, because you said 'Yes'" (to a baptism). I really had mislaid that bit. I could think of the burials and the one or two who left or drifted. I could see decline in the life of the congregation in my time there. Remembering the growth, the 'yeses' doesn't come naturally. Hearing that you touched, made an impact, changed some lives - that always comes as a surprise.

So yes, I cried - and so did others but they were, if not joyful tears, then healing tears. Saying you mattered even if I was bad at showing it. (Just like my flaming Father! We never got that tape until after he died. At least I have still have a pulse!) I'm glad I did it and I think others were glad too.


  1. The feeling amongst those I spoke to yesterday, was that it was a service full of healing. Both for you and for the rest of us. People who did not make the service were recommended to read the order of service and I think, given the tone and the choice of words, will also help.

    There were many positives in your time with us. And, most importantly, God guided you to us for a reason. If we have faith we must trust that is the case. We may never know what it was you were there to do (who are we that The Lord should let us in on all knowledge) and how your time with us was to help in your journey, but we trust that it was the right thing for us all overall.
    Thank you for calling the service. I think we can all, you included, move on in a healthier way now. We can trust that we will all continue to learn and grow.

  2. Amen to everything Kassandra said. I preached on Bartimaeus yesterday, and it hadn't occurred to me until I was speaking that one of the differences between B and many Christians is that B knew when to ask for help. I pray that the healing will continue.

  3. Sounds like it was a beautiful experience for you and the congregation. And an affirmation of you as a person, as much as a priest. Peace to you!