Saturday, 31 October 2009

Wind of change?

From Gay Uganda's blog:

So, the dear religious leaders started pulling back. Death, was too merciless, said these Ugandan Christian leaders. Rather, let these bad sinners be imprisoned by the state... for life.

If I were lying here, it would be ok. But, as a matter of fact, this is from the mouth of the religious leaders themselves. Can death as a form of punishment help one to reform? Some people are convicted of murder but after they have been killed, it’s proved they were innocent. What would be done in such circumstances? We should emphasise life imprisonment,” said Aron Mwesigye, the secretary for the Church of Uganda.

The same sentiment of 'mercy' was echoed by the SDA Church. Yeah, I am serious. Those where his words. I did blog them here.

So, they all go to the Parliament, and express the same sentiment. So, now Nsaba-Buturo admits they might have to 'change' that part of the law.

The beginings of a backtrack here methinks. The Government have been caught out by the strength of international opinion. When the diplomats start buzzing the minister and saying "this may impinge on our financial support", you can bet the Govt backbencher who promulgated this legislation has been called in and told to cool it by the Party. But it just goes to show what can be done by pressure from concerned people. Off the fence ACC, it's safe to weigh in now!


  1. Good news... and miles to go before we sleep. Indeed, I think it's safe now for the Archbishop and Presiding Bishop to say something.

  2. Isn't it infuriating? Desmond Tutu has taken a stance and the sitting incumbents can only sit dumb and worship at the altar of expediency.