Monday, 18 January 2010

And a not so new Bishop..

The SEC gets a big mention in the Times today. Bob, Bishop of Aiberdeen, has stuck the episcopal heid on the monks of Buckfast Abbey for pretending they have nothing to do with the havoc wreaked by the legendary Electric Soup known as Buckie (aka Commotion Lotion or Wreck the Hoose Juice). He has a point: it's disingenuous to pretend it is not dangerous stuff and in an age of ethical investment by the Church, it looks bad for the monks to market it under their name. It might be an idea if it were sold in plastic bottles simply to deprive the Scoobied Ned a handy offensive weapon. So for several days on the trot, the SEC has been getting positive publicity. Perhaps it'll make us popular!

Anyweys, heerza social an' theo-logical commentary from ra Sage o' Govan!


  1. Just go back to marketing ourselves as the "Jacobite Church" ...

  2. Never drank the stuff myself, Father! I was a much classier drinker..

    Electric cider at 69p a can was much preferable for breakfast, but if they'd done Buckie in plastic litre bottles, then who knows?

    A stipend didn't go far in these days!

  3. "The Jacobite Church": yes, but they'd probably nickname us "the Jakey Church" which might not be consistent with Bob Gilles line!

  4. Electric cider classier than Buckie? That's like saying a King Rib supper is more nutitious than a deep fried Mars Bar supper!

    Now me, I was Tesco's value Rose wine: less indigestion than the white, not as bad a head as the red and it was a nice shade of pink! Not sure if theat was classy or just campy!