Sunday, 24 January 2010

I'm not stressed, not a bit of it!

My head has been a bit mad since Friday. It's the stress that comes (for me) at the thought of Monday involving an interview with the Job Centre, an assessment session with a psychiatrist for Aspergers and a trip to the therapist. Self revealing for up to 3 hours in a day - the very thought is enough to put me into a high state of anxiety! Friday saw a serious out break of chunky Kit Kat consumption and much sooking of the nicotine inhaler! Saturday saw less of the former but very nearly a collapse of the quitting the weed! Still hinging in there though!

Mass this morning has a very nice rendition of Mozart's Missa Brevis in F (K 192):

Quite nice, but the Embra Quire wur better!

Anyhow, for something a little different, here's the finale to one of my favourite modern works for choir and orchestra: Duke Ellington's "Sacred Concert"

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