Monday, 11 January 2010

Thoughts on the world tonight.

This article from the Independent makes depressing reading:

There is much to love in Africa and much to weep over. But I find it increasingly impossible to see the self-proclaimed moral authority of the African provinces of the Anglican Communion as being something I would be willing to submit the Church in Scotland to. Perhaps innocently, I had always assumed the various provinces to be of equal standing and authority. The headlong rush by the powers that be in England to keep the likes of Uganda and Nigeria "sweet" leaves me baffled. The failure of the those Provinces to challenge either Government corruption or legal provisions against its citizens of a draconian and barbaric nature, to me at any rate, deprives them of any right to be taken seriously as moral examples or tutors by the Church in the Old World.

Less depressingly I've just finished reading a fine novel set in Glasgow called "Buddha Da". Very amusing and also touching, it is a treat for any fan of the richly expressive Weegie dialect, a nice insight into Buddhist spirituality - and contains 2 sentences which summarise my lifelong feelings about carrots! Well worth a read.

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