Sunday, 31 January 2010

There's no place like home!

Visiting the parental mansion has its moments! You know your momma doesn't like your emerging 'tash when she says you look like Paw Broon from the Broons comic strip! And thinks you ought to go back to the shorter hair cut (??). I also learned not to say "bugger" in front of 2 year olds - they promptly repeat it! Other happy joys involve discovering one has no longer left a spare toothbrush there and watching "In it to win it" and pointing out that the particularly dizzy contestant IS gay and it's not offensive to comment on this in my presence! Actually, we had more fun watching a documentary on Dolly Parton! Mum being a hardcore Country and Western fan (and occassional line dancer), I actually knew the words to "Stand by your Man" by the age of 7 and thought Dolly P and Patsy Cline were brilliant! I also went to see Johnny Cash live in the Edinburgh Playhouse aged 8! The mustache is pointing me towards a cowboy outfit and a Village People phase perhaps?

Here's Dolly for y'all!

Less hilariously,there has been what Inspector Jim Taggart would have called "a murdur" in the ole home town, a door or two down from my cousin's house. The householder being my sister in law's cousin. No one is quite sure exactly what happened except that one guy's dead and the other is critically ill in hospital. So pray for all involved in this tragic incident.

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