Wednesday, 20 January 2010

It's a pain.....

when your back goes "boing". It is particularly annoying when you were in the process of taking out the empty tins and glass bottles for recycling when it went! Luckily, it feels as if it is just a muscle that is pulled and not anything more serious. Never happened when I was a relaxed as a newt!

Paperwork arrived for the new job yesterday. Happily, I will be paid more than I initially reckoned I would. Unhappily, I will have to go and get immunised against hepatitis B - which is a 3 jag series, like the rabies shots I got before heading to Uganda. I don't mind the medics sticking needles into me (as long as I can look away) but I dislike the reaction I seem to get to such shots . I felt slightly yukky after my rabies jabs and always have a nasty reaction to tetanus - I just hope the Hep B is less of a downer!

And just cos I feel like a grumpy old codger with a sore back, here's one of my dad's favourite numbers from my callow youth!


  1. All my sympathy, John, as a fellow-sufferer from back problems.

  2. Luckily I have my monthly trip to the chiropracter tomorrow, so this will pass!