Sunday, 10 January 2010

I never knew he was one of us!

This article from the Independent on Sunday:

caused me to go "hurrah"! The Communards were part of my late teen soundtrack. As out and in yer face gay as it could be, virulently anti-Thatcher and very bouncy and pop-py (although personally, I preferred Frankie Goes to Hollywood and still think Holly Johnson's rendition of "The Power of Love" is one of the most spine-tingling and haunting pop ballads ever). Naturally, everyone tended to focus on the wee ginger Scottish guy at the front with the amazing falsetto and ignore the geeky yin at the back on keyboards. He has now come out as a Vicar! Nice to see the dear old Diocese of London still ordains openly gay men, even if they spent their twenties hoovering up drugs like a vacuum cleaner and all else that was part of the hedonisic lifestyle of a gay pop icon in the 1980's! At least he will be unshockable in the confessional - though he might still think the road to Heaven involves a tube to Charing Cross rather than aesectic exercises!

Here's a wee blast from the past in celebration:

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