Thursday, 7 October 2010

Days of "Oh crap!"

Yesterday the front door at work was broken and I had to enter the building by climbing in the front window.  I was greeted by a service user asking when he'd be getting an MP3 player.  My reply was crisp  - "I've just climbed in the window - how am I supposed to know?" "Was that a stupid question?" "Yes".  Not a good start. So to today.  Having lost a filling a day or two back, it was off to the dentist who banged in a temporary one, but suggested that it might not be re-fillable and might require extraction:-(.  I returned home to find my assistant had left the soup on a high heat and it was somewhat burnt.  It's one of those bits of life that slightly try us.

My Rector is to be the next Bishop of Argyll and all Sheepdom.  Which he will be good at and will bring a disciplined, clear headed and ruthless ability to reflect on the way ahead to the task.  Romantic Celtic-ness is not always the strength a Bishop needs.  Nor indeed a diocese with no money and damn few clergy.  I wonder what joys and challenges an interregnum will bring?  It's been a long time since I've been part of a congregation that is going through one.  I've caused them and filled them but this is a new experience for me!

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