Thursday, 14 October 2010

This week's days off (Contd)

All that rushing about was not such a cunning plan.  I made it to the bone cruncher via the Car Phone Warehouse (my old Nokia 5310, which has done sterling service, was not always locking, so it was a £20 trade in and a funky new X 2 in my jacket pocket!).  My nice Aussie chiropractor is heading back to Brisbane on Guy Fawkes Day, so I will have to get used to a new bone mangler - but the big Boss of the firm himself is taking over, so my spine will hopefully be in good hands!  I'm very sorry to see Scott go, but hope he will meet with well deserved success when he starts his own practice Down Under!

On return to da House, I sort of crashed and then got dead grumpy as the fang gap got rather sore.  Indeed, wur Chaplain pointed out it wasn't good form to go "zonk" in front of guests!  And just to skip out of dinner without excusing yourself!  (That's very Aspergers btw!)  Biting back a crabbit "I'm tired and in pain - sod the social niceties!" response, I nodded and took his advice ("You look really rough and in genuine pain - stop fighting it, go to bed!").  Which was OK until 2am, when the pain woke me up.  Some painkillers and a cup of Redbush Tea later, I returned to the Pit and stayed there until after breakfast.  So I caught 10 hours Zzz and feel slightly perkier.  We'll see how it goes.  My Friday/Saturday shift is a 3-11, sleep over, then a 7am-2pm stint.  If I'm not in too much pain I'll do it but if tomorrow morning I'm still swallowing analgesics, then I'll call in sick.  I haven't had a single day off on the sick since starting, so I have the days available.  And coping with our 5 service users at the time of day when I seem to flag might not be good for anyone!

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  1. A new fancy mobile for John. Let me know how you like it. Hope all is well.