Wednesday, 13 October 2010

This week's days off..

..are a pain. Due mainly to a visit to the tooth puller who pulled one yesterday.  Mercifully, the bleeding stopped quickly and the painkillers are pretty efficient!  This morning saw a quick arrangement of meetings with Ma and the Chiropractor, a trip to the jewellers to get my signet ring repaired (Samuel's made a mess of it ages ago) and some shopping. This afternoon it's off to the chiropractor, a haircut and shave and book a table for my birthday outing with Rachel to Spamalot at the Playhouse.  I need a good Italian on Leith Walk - and Mum can't remember the name of the good one she goes to!  Have a wee lurk I will!


  1. I'm going next week and we're planning on Guiliano's.

  2. Mater Supra Forth recommended Mama Roma's - any gen on it?

  3. I'll answer my own question: it's run by the same folks wot have the excellent Bella Italia in North Berwick! Where we had excellent veal on our wee holiday in August!