Friday, 15 October 2010

On the sick (ish) list

Yes, the old gob was still sore, so I called in sick and tried to see a dentist.  Mine being on holiday, that'll be Monday then.  I really just want to check it isn't infected.  In truth, it is less painful than it was, in as much as I have ceased swallowing the Paracetamol/Codeine tabs and switched to plain paracetamol and ain't withing in agony.  Instead I nipped over with a friend to Midday Prayer and Mass at Roslin where we prayed in a holy garden shed with oodles of ikon's and bucket loads of silence.  A real discovery for me. And some interesting bits and bobs too: secondary relics of Charles De Foucauld, the blood of the Cure d'Ars in the altar.  I took a very secular offering of Potted Hough to lunch which made a nice change from the cheese!  it was nice to pray in our own Holy Hut in the evening, doing Night Prayer from the SSF Office.  Mind you, we could do with more ikon's!

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