Saturday, 2 October 2010

A Late Extra!

I also came across this well written piece in the Guardian (I know well written and Guardian haven't always been linked since CP Snow retired but..). it's worth a shuftie on the Inclusivity of the C of E.

Mind you, when he mentions Communion tokens he's missed one thing.  Yes, we Piskies used them as did the Presbies.  But for us they were not about exclusion.  Being an illegal and penalised Church, they were a security measure to prevent Government spies from infiltrating Mattins and Ante-Communion during which we might be plotting the return of the King over the Water.  They were to keep us out of jail, not to keep us pure and undefiled!

Just sayin'!


  1. In Egypt, Christian tattoos are sometimes used as entry tokens to Christian gatherings, the theory being that no Muslim would ever have a cross tattooed on their skin for fear of being found with the wrong symbol come the day of judgement.

    Tattooists set up at Christian festivals and do quite a trade.

  2. Fancy that! I'd let the organisers of Greenbelt know - they might go for it!