Monday, 25 October 2010

That's one heck of a cutback! Not!!

The Heil on Sunday is suggesting that the Diocese of Bradford (which describes as "historic" despite it being  a post WW 1 creation - in Church terms, it's a double glazed conservatory, not a historic monument!) might be merged due to cutbacks. See

So why did they start interviewing for a Bishop a month or two back?  I'm not much bothered really, as all Bradford gave the Church was the Bishop who let the cat out of the bag about Wallis Simpson and a Randy (allegedly) Dean of Lincoln. (Well, also the saintly Fr Ralph Crowe of St Chad's Manningham - one of the few saint's trained at Coates Hall ever).  I think the Heil on Sunday and it's weekday stable mate is fit only to wrap chips in - I mean remember Jan Moir's vile article on Stephen Gately.  Trust it not on Church matters!

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