Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Furry bits!

The Practice Nurse has duly squirted a dose of nasties into my arm and the nice Polish lassie (I am now aged enough to be able describe younger persons of the female gender as such) at the hairdressers has clipped me neatly. My other morning activity was experimenting with me latest gadget - another sign of the aging process!

Yes, gentle reader, I have acknowledged my advancing years and bought a mechanical furry bits management system (or male personal grooming kit). Really it was stimulated by my mouser (it needed trimming, as did the side boards) and the fact that there are now bits of man fur sticking oot of places it never used to be (the lugs mainly). And it works nicely! The soup strainer now looks a bit more David Niven than Ned Flanders (and I'd like to thank my friends (NOT!) who said that was who I looked like - the guy in the Khyber disagrees, pointing out I am not yellow, nor do I have a bouffant hairstyle!).

Actually, I also found myself looking thoughtfully at a set of 2nd hand golf clubs in the Charity shoppe. Now THAT is middle aged! I suppose I really need to worry when I think about taking up bools!

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