Friday, 19 March 2010

Military Intelligence?

Just goes to show that not every General is a genius: Hey, at least the Senate committee chair told him he was wrong!

You can scarcely blame teh geys for that massacre: try blaming Orthodox, male, heterosexual Serb nationalists. And the Brits and Israelis have openly gay serving soldiers - neither are armies noted for their lack of guts or competence. Of course, the Yanks are now doing away with bayonet drill training - what happened to Clp Jones's motto: "They don't like it up 'em Captain Mainwearing!"? The Argylls used the bayonet in Iraq (cause the Yank helicopter gunships were all busy strafing sheep or something) and it has proved handy against the Taliban too. Actually, the Pakistani Army credits its recent success in South Waziristan to their slinging their modern counter insurgency manuals in the bucket and reverting to the Raj's 1930's tactical manual "Frontier Warfare"! Given that the Indian Army Staff in the 20's and 30's included Auchinleck (1st Brit General to beat Rommel), Slim (won Burma) and Montgomery, that might not be a total surprise. It's not like we lost Vietnam is it? We won Malaya. And Kenya. Just saying.

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