Saturday, 6 March 2010

To do or not to do.

After 7 days consecutive of work or training (which is fairly hard work in and of itself), I find I am off from 5pm Friday-2pm Monday. And there are potential demands on my "free" time. On Sunday I will do cover at St Ninian's Comely Bank. Partly helping out a friend, but it is remunerated. Then I have some social time! Today though, I felt a slight obligation to go to Diocesan Synod - or did until I thought: "I'm knackered, I don't think I have to (being as yet unclear as to whether I have a Commission or a Warrant - and I'm dashed if I see the point in turning up if you have no vote), I'm haven't seen mum for a couple of weeks AND it's a Cowden East Fife derby at Central Park!" So Synod can get on with it's own business this year while I have Saturday to myself. Holy Mother Church gets me tomorrow!