Friday, 26 March 2010

That was the 24 hours that was.

My 1st day of duty (on at 2pm, sleepover, 7am-2pm shift) was fine. No major problems, no stress out (well, I went to a meeting before going to work!) and then home to soup, study group, Compline (Feast of the Annunciation) and Monty Python's "Not the Messiah" Oratorio at the Cameo for R & R. A lie in (to 8am) and then "Up Guards and at 'em!".
I am a bit tired and will be glad of my 2 days off. Next week, I get Maundy Thursday off (Chrism mass and concelebrating) and then am off from Easter Sunday to Wednesday! And there's a bleedin' train strike! The Unions are insane - just like 79 and the Blue Crew will get back in. Severely unprintable word precedes idiots!

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