Monday, 29 March 2010

Making it through the..

I survived fine yesterday. I had actually OD-ed on Ibuprofen (heartburn was the only effect) but, once things had calmed down a bit, I sorted the back with an ice pack. Today I got through work no bother with only 2 doses of painkillers all day. So much relaxation of nerves. Perhaps the swimming session helped, perhaps having to focus on A N Other and not "puir wee me" was the key.
Mattins was a blur and, to be frank, the readings whizzed by. I was there for and with God but that really was about it. Sometimes that is what my praying is. Being there, uttering the words and then sitting there in silence, simply handing some time and space over to the Great whosever/whatsover. Daily offering yes, spiritual high? That's my trouble really, I always want the "high". Actually, I am getting to appreciate the plain rather than the mountain top - you don't crash off it so steeply.

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