Saturday, 15 August 2009

America the...somewhat annoying!

I like America. And I like Americans. But, just at the moment, they are being thoroughly annoying to the Brit bit of me. First, there is the palpable ignorance of the NHS and the taking of the wonderful creation of Sir Will1am Beveridge in vain by the US Right. OK, it's probably caused by the fact that they are stupid right wingers, rather than the fact that they are Americans. "This is socialism" they thunder. And your point is? It is a "socialism" supported at its inception by Winston Churchill and currently defended by David Cameron. God, their ignorance and arrogance inflames me!

Then, Hilary Clinton is nipping the Justice Minister's heid to say don't free the guy who was convicted of blowing up the jet at Lockerbie. Fair enough, but it sits ill when the US are going to extradite a British computer hacker to stand trial for mucking about with the Pentagon mainframes in spite of pleas to try and hold him here because he has Aspergers syndrome. The US at a national level have a horrible self-righteousness. Surely a deal can be done over the geek? It's not as if UK law is soft or our prisons a doddle. If the guy has buggered up the US Defence Dept Computers and compromised security, lives and cost a lot of money, then by all means let the law take its course, but with compassion and mercy rather than vengeance as a guiding principle. "The quality of mercy is not strained, it droppeth as the gentle dew from heaven". Better still, give the guy a job in improving your computer security!

The US is a wonderful and on the whole good place. Not perfect, no nation is. Read the Bible: Israel was chosen, yes and favoured and beloved, but perfect? No way Jose! But like every nation state (and the British are absolutely no different by the way) prone to self deluded and arrogant behaviour from time to time. So, whilst never saying smite the Great Satan O Lord, perhaps le bon Dieu could help them to get a grip already? So we pray!


  1. Fr. Dougal,

    Let me say that I like the UK and so do many people here in the US. Those who know anything about what's going on beyond the borders of their state are aware of the NHS and other health systems in Europe. I think what you are seeing are ignorant and narrow right wing Americans. Some of us know the truth and try to tell it when we are not shouted down.

    Also, you comment on the arrogance of Americans. Oh yes, this is a big problem. We are just like every other country when it comes to good and evil. We have done wrong and we have done good. Many people here do not understand the difference between being proud of your country and thinking that you are better.

    God bless you, God bless Scotland and remember that there are some of us here who agree with you 100%.


  2. Ah Chris, a blog is where we can rant in peace!

    David, thanks for that. I have American friends who voted for George W (nice guy but into self harm - which is what voting for Dubya did to America), others who voted for the Governator and others who voted for Ralph Nader (they used to be married to each other, but are now happily divorced!!). America is a very diverse country and its people likewise. Rest assured, I value the best in the American tradition (FDR is a hero!. I just got a bit steamed when Hilary butted in in a somewhat illiberal way. Keep him in jail until he dies is just not our way, if the guy is dying and not a danger to society and I don't think we should change. Her hubby went nasty on a mentally ill Afro-American on Death Row in Arkansas before he was elected POTUS because to pardon or commute would have been politcally disadvantagous and I think she is the sort of so-called liberal who give us Lloyd George and Asquith fans a bad name!