Monday, 24 August 2009

Sunday, Sunday

What a busy Sunday that was. Off to a later Mass than is my usual custom, with a wonderful setting of Dvorak in D. Then to the pictures to watch a big screen double bill of "Where Eagles Dare" and "The Bridge at Remagen". Hardly pacifist fare, but a real trip back in my mind to childhood Sunday afternoons watching the telly. Richard Burton's voice was incredible: "Broadsword calling Danny Boy. Broadsword calling Danny Boy" - it really was a Commando comic on film - and Clint Eastwood seemed to knock out half the German Army single handed. Quentin Tarentino has a high kill rate? Nothing on this!

Then it was an excellent folk concert with a very talented youth band called Bodega. Only one wee question: why is a Scottish folk band named in Spanish? Not awfully folky really. Still they were very good, so it is a truly minor quibble.


  1. Late masses have all the good bits!

    Can you edit this post when you change my link to your blog? It's now but you knew that! Your dashboard just needs updating!