Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Good news.

Some great news for a chum who has been in the line of fire for the last wee while. Kenny has been firing off recently at the local orange mob in his West of Scotland patch and vocally opposing the proposed Walk. This has led to some extreme and frightening nastiness, if not from the office bearers of the LOL and RBP, then from their more unpleasant and Neanderthal associates. Reassuringly, the hierarchy has been supportive and there has been a victory of sorts for Kenny, in as much as the Cooncil have taken Polis advice and have withdrawn permission for the march. They are appealing against the decision and the local Sheriff hears the case tomorrow. Congratulations to Kenny and continuing prayers, as there is always the danger that this is not the end of the nastiness.

On the moving forward front, it was ages ago that the Careers service suggested I get some current voluntary work experience under my belt - good for getting back into a work routine and helps with job refs. But motivating myself to it - ay, there's the rub. Quite possibly I was much more depressed than I knew or cared to admit. But I have just been accepted as a volunteer for the festival of Spirituality and Peace in Edinburgh and I am looking forward to the experience. At least I'll be engaging with people and somewhat re-skilling myself. It may be that I go up and down as I move out back into the real world and engage again with other human being but it does feel (the noo onywies) that I have moved a wee bit and in a good direction. Especially since last night, instead of rushing off after a support meeting I went out with some of the group for a tomato juice and a social chat. The fact that I didn't need a chaperone or someone to prompt me was again a small move in a good direction.


  1. Fr. Dougal
    I am glad to hear the news about Fr. Kenny. That whole situation bothered me and I'm glad there has been some resolution. We've got to step away from ritualized prejudice and hatred if we are ever going to go forward. Congratulations to Fr. Kenny for standing up. And thanks to you for relaying the news.

    David Costa

  2. Not such good news from Dumbarton today. Yesterday the Sheriff Court overturned the council decision when it heard the appeal from the Black Chapter and the march will be going ahead as planned :-(