Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Steady as we go.

I'm pleasantly surprised to report that the Blue Brazil played OK and went down principally because we lost 2 players to red cards. So 2-1 to Arbroath isn't as bad as it sounds. Or am I spin doctoring?

Spent the weekend at mum's which was fine. Another couple of job applications in which is a step in the same direction I've been taking. So the week ahead may not be with out news (I hope).


  1. OUR story of the woman described as "East Ham" as she was "one stop short of Barking" reminds a Stirling reader of when a friend said his trousers were "a bit Cowdenbeath".

    When he asked for elucidation, he was told: "There's no ballroom in Cowdenbeath."

  2. PS Above from today's Herald!

  3. ROFL!! You had to go to Lochgelly for that sort of thing (ballroom I mean) after the Back of Slorie's closed!