Wednesday, 5 August 2009

We arra peeple!

Shock, horror! The Blue Brazil have just been promoted. Admittedly, it is because Livingston FC (or Meadowbank Thistle in the Country) were not exactly solvent at the end of last season and were forcibly demoted from the 1st Division to the 3rd. Accordingly, the BB go up into the 2nd div and Airdrie United (Airdrieonians Really) go 2nd to 1st. Splendid - except this was announced TODAY and the season starts on Saturday. So instead of playing East Stirling in sunny Larbert, we are hosting Arbroath at Central Park. Don't you just love the efficency of the Scottish Football League? No, because the vital buying close season was done with the prospect and the funding of the 3rd Div in mind and people who might have signed for a 2nd div club or even stayed have been missed. Darn it- this is sloppy.


  1. You'll get relegated anyway.

  2. As someone who hasn't followed Scottish football in a long time, I am learning a lot from you about the teams. I remember hearing about Airdrieonians and Meadowbank Thistle years ago and was unaware of the history.

    Good luck to Blue Brazil. (An interesting nickname). Despite the sudden promotion, they will give it their best shot. Who knows what may happen?


  3. Kenny - I know that!! We will manage 2 season at most, then "ker-plunk"!
    David we will give it our best, but I doubt it'll be good enough!