Thursday, 13 August 2009

Looking good!

That's a reference to me rather than any job prospects! Twice this week comments have been passed to the effect that I look better than I did (lost weight and clearer complexion) or don't look my age. Which is nice unless they are fibbing! Am vaguely thinking of attending a workshop on feeling positive today - might pick up some tips there!

One of the surprises about helping at a Festival venue is that you see shows you might not book into. Last night there was a display of traditional South Indian dance and music. It was terribly good. I'd never in a decade have deliberately gone to it but thoroughly enjoyed it anyway - the skill was impressive. Nothing like keeping the old mind open.


  1. Good news indeed, Dougal! May the recovery be sustained.

    Hope we can meet up some time.

  2. Glad to hear this. Stick with it, kid!
    BTW - the word verification is "qualish". Sounds like a state of health, don'tcha think?