Saturday, 15 August 2009

Miss and Hit.

Or a typical night at the Festival! The performance poetry and songs gig left me puzzled. Sorry, just didn't get it, but I did enjoy the piano playing. But the folk gig - A1. If you get the opperchancity to catch either or both Kim Edgar or David Ferrard, do. Beautiful stuff, deeply moving and you can make out the words! (Grumpy Old Man mode is alive and well and functioning in Dougal!)

My morning reading these days is a commentary on the Rule of St Benedict by Joan Chittester OSB. The other day was on the section about admitting priests to the Monastery: this bit seemed profound to me: "it is hard to let go of the past, and yet until we do, there is no hope whatsoever that we can ever gain from the future. Everyone has to put down some part of their past sometime. Everyone makes a major change at sometime or another. Everyone has to be opened to being formed again. The only thing that can possibly deter the new formation is if we ourselves refuse to let go of what was. If we cling to the past, the future is closed to us."

Food for thought indeed.

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