Thursday, 20 August 2009

Political diversions

From time to time I make the odd comment on matters political - well in my youth in the Liberal Party I did the odd bit! So two comments tonight.

Firstly, wur Justice mannie, Kenny MacCatskills-mountain-high has let the Libyan loon convicted of the Lockerbie bombing out of jail on compassionate grounds (Muhhamad Al wossiface being in the process of going to have a chat with Allah via prostate cancer). Billary Rodham Clinton (aka the one Yank cabinet member who has noticed there are other countries in the world apart from POTUS) is not a happy quine. Whilst deploring the Justice ministers dithering earlier in the week, I think his decision was the right one and it was right and indeed courageous of him to choose not to reduce justice to a bare concept of retribution. I am no great fan of the US Justice system at the moment, due to the appalling case of a Texas appeal judge refusing to hear a last minute plea for a stay of execution because she wanted to get home for a workman. The Times noted that she was a Republican appointment - is that an excuse? Oh, that and having heard a Fringe show on Rendition. Land of the Free?

Secondly, praise God for Glesga Cooncil! The Weegie City Faithers have voted to severely reduce the number of Orange Walks in the city from over 200 p.a. to 20. About time too. I dislike the LOL and what it stands for. However, I acknowledge their right to assembly peacefully and celebrate their "culture". But 200 walks? As opposed to 20 Republican waddles. And the Polis budget running amok - no, this is a right and overdue decision. Three cheers for the Weegie Cooncil!


  1. Fr. Dougal,

    I am watching the evening news and the story of the Libyan loon is not being well-received. The idea that many people have here in the US is that there should be no compassion for criminals. None at all. I'm not that doctrinaire about it; I think you have to consider case by base. I am sure that I'm a minority on this.

    Regarding Orange Walks, yes, they have the right to do that, just as neo-Nazis and the KKK have the right to do so here. I just get sick of the old hatreds and don't see a need for people to maintain and glorify them.

    I love the Scots language you used. I am a linguist and I like listening and reading dialects of all types. Thanks.


  2. David

    I could well forsee that the US news media would react strongly (and not in a +ve way) to the announcement. There are of course differences of opinion in Scotland too. Plenty would agree that the killing of 270 meant that Al Megrahi should never have been released. But I'm going to post on this.