Friday, 28 May 2010

Anglican Antics

The ABC has issued a letter (see for details) which indicates a severing of bonds within the Anglican Communion. My instinct is to say that if the USAnians are to be kept out of certain bits of the Anglican Corporate body, then so ought Uganda, Nigeria, Rwanda and Kenya and all other Provinces who have violated the Moratoria. But of course that won't happen. Similarly, were I a USAnian, I would instantly apply the "no taxation without representation" principle and cease to fund the Anglican Communion to the same extent as they have done up till now. Money talks and Rowan, Akinola's successor and all the other loudmouths need to discover the sharp fiscal reality that their little jollies around the globe are only possible because of the Yanqui dollar. So belt up and buckle down.

Stuff it. I'm off to annoy God about this.

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