Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Sweet and Sour

Sweet and Sour is the one form of Chinese cuisine I personally detest (curry, black bean sauce etc fine but SS - yuk!). But life can be a mix of both. Yesterday my shift was stressful. I wrote my 1st ever incident report and helped to administer my 1st ever dose of PRN medication. I wasn't thumped (but I'm learning to float like a butterfly!) and I could rationalise the resident's behaviour as a mixture of physical discomfort and being unsettled by the noise and the to-ing and fro-ing of building work. It was still stressful and tiring. Today, as I was down to celebrate the 8am Mass, I , in best NSM fashion, packed cassock alb and swimming trunks (from altar to work, no time to drop off and pick up), presided at the Holy Mysteries and then went to take my client to swim in Dunbar. Again, a beautiful day, he really enjoyed it and my hitherto undiscovered (or, rather, long forgotten) talent for impersonating a Spitfire shooting down a Messerschmidt seemed to amuse him no end! I was also asked to preach in St Mike's - at Corpus Christi!! So my bad day was balanced by a good one.

Interestingly a colleague shared with me something of their battle against alcohol and their salvation wasn't AA, but a 3 month retreat in a Zen Buddhist monastery near Hexham. He wondered about the monastic life for himself. A very interesting world it is that I seem to be living in these days!

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