Thursday, 27 May 2010

The daily round, the common task.

The morning rush is over. The residents and guests have breakfasted and the dishwasher is restoring the crockery to operational readiness with its usual Teutonic efficiency. The washing machine restores the Dougalline Keck's to Eco friendly cleanliness as I type. The bed linen is back from the Royal laundry early (Betty Windsor and brood ain't in town) and has been billeted in the linen cupboard, rooms are being cleaned, service sheets sorted and generally speaking, Benedictine order over ordinariness is calmly triumphing. I have a day off and have decided not to spend the day in a train to Ayr for the Prayer Book Society AGM - it's far too nice to sit in a train and Church all day!

I shall go forth and commune with...whatever is worth communing with! Have a nice day!


  1. Hi John

    Pity you're missing out on the Prayer Book Society AGM today!!

    Check out the latest edition of the Daily Office of the Society of St Francis which has just been published. It's been designed to bring the SSF office into line with Common Worship, and is fairly similar to the former Celebrating Common Prayer. I always make a point of visiting the Cornerstone Bookshop when I'm in Edinburgh.

    I must confess that I am an avid collector of breviaries and office books, both RC and Anglican.

    An interesting new book is Heaven and Earth in Little Space by Andrew Burnham, one of the C of E's "flying bishops", in which he discusses the options for improving the liturgy in the Anglican and RC churches. However, I should add that he is speaking from an Anglo-Catholic viewpoint, so I don't think it would be particularly well received in St Thomas's, Corstorphine or St Silas, Kelvinside!!

    As you mentioned in an earlier posting, I well remember the mayhem caused by the Anglo-Papalist innovations in Coatbridge and by the charismatics in King's Park and Hillington!!!

    I'm sorry to have to say that being force-fed charismatic renewal for several years in East Kilbride before I went to St Ninian's didn't exactly do my mental health much good either. I have no objection to it if it helps some people, but I'm afraid it's just not for me.

    More recently, attempts have been made to interest me in it again as an RC, but I've had to put my foot down politely and make it clear that it's just not for me. I wasn't able to assert myself effectively before, which led to frustration and depression.

    Incidently, do you know how Fr Ron Graham is getting on these days? I suppose he's retired now.

    cheers ALAN

  2. Go exploring and enjoy what this day will bring you!

  3. I have the old CCP from my days at St Ninian's Alan but will have a wee look. Charismtic doesn't work for me either but I know now that this has as much to do with my Asperger's as anything else. The way my brain processes information makes charismatic or unstructured worship especially when you've lots of different noises at the same time terribly stressful. I no longer feel any guilt about disliking it - I have a psychiatrist's permission to tell they to b***er off!

  4. That'll be the next post Susan - and I got the idea from your blog!