Saturday, 8 May 2010

The Body Politic

Reflecting on my feelings of queasiness with regard to a Tory Lib Dem pact, it struck me that the Great British electorate tends to go Labour when money is available to be spent to improve life ("Spread the Lurve") and Tory-ish when the economy looks hooky because the Nasty Party will cut back and biff stroppy unions. Really, the idiocy of the unions in striking in the run up to May 6th was a great aid to getting the Tory vote up and out. Sadly, a dose of nasty Tory medicine may be what the economy needs and I can only hope the LD presence will mitigate some of the nastiness. Head and heart are not in sync over the state of the Nation today. Bummer!


  1. I agree. I refused to strike for exactly that reason.

    Though, isn't it funny that Tories are happy to give our money to management consultants, bankers, weapon suppliers & Rupert Murdoch?

    No austerity for that shower, methinks!

  2. Same sort of thing seems to happen on this side of the pond as well, frdougal. Although we seem to be indiscriminate in our anger: Democrats get tossed, Republicans make a mess and get tossed, only to have the Democrats spin in circles and get tossed again.