Saturday, 22 May 2010

A Day Off in the sunshine

What to do on a day off was the question facing me last night: the question was resolved by dint of a trip to the barbers, an egg & mushroom bap and a macchiato for brekkie, off to Cowdenbeath to see Ma, shoe shopping (no Jimmy Choo's to be found in the Cowdenbeath Factory Shop!), a meal out @ the new Chinese resturaunt in town, then back to sunny Embra to find my nice Bishop had sent me my commission and a nice letter. All in all a decent day. And tomorrow is Pentecost. I prefer the old terminology of Whitsun. Whitsun, red and glorious with Spring sunshine. And athletic types hurtling about on a marathon. The guy who ran the very 1st marathon allegedly dropped down dead after it. That says it all for me. It's Greek and it's bad for your health. Don't do it!

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