Sunday, 9 May 2010

Sunday in Springtime

With a friend coming up to visit and arriving on the 12.07 at Waverley, High Mass at St Michael's was going to be impossible with it's 11am start today. So it was Old St Paul's Ho! 10.30 start and just at the top of the steps from the train station - nae bother I think. Aye. Right.

The High Mass was a Nuptial Mass. They were still doing communion when I shot out the door at noon having received the Blessed Sacrament! It was a nice service, with a better choir than St Mike's and a good sermon. My only mumph's were: They used that bl**dy silly Handsel thing from the new marriage liturgy (pretentious pseudo-Celtic mince IMHO) and someone needs to hand out diet and exercise plans at the door - loadsa tubby Piskies!

That said, the day proceeded nicely with the Dutch Landscapes exhibition and lunch at the Queen's Hoose (Roast lamb and the trimmings!), a long walk up Arthur's Seat in the glorious spring sunshine, chocolate cake in the Grassmarket and din-dins at Emmaus (chicken and broccoli in a cheese sauce with roast spuds and peas, followed by ice cream fruit salad and chocolate caramel sauce. And we meet again in Berwick tomorrow!


  1. Was the exhibition worth it? Was thinking of a visit.

  2. yes, it's not bad. the boat paintings are the best.