Saturday, 8 May 2010

A day at the fitba

Operating on the "stuff politics, I need a break" principle, I set off for sunny Alloa to watch the mighty Blue Brazil today. Stopping briefly for a mozzarella and olive flat bread and a latte before boarding the choo-choo train (who sez footie fans have no cultyir?), I travelled on the relatively new Hillfoots line from Stirling to Alloa for the 1st time. Very scenic it is, too, in the spring sunshine. The Ochils looked simply gorgeous and you got an equally stunning vista of them from the Away terracing at Recreation Park. I like the way the names of Scottish football grounds describe their historic function like RP or location like Central Park. Wonder what went on at Gayfield? :-)

We won, the pies were excellent and very reasonably priced, the weather splendid (why do we insist in not having a winter break in football and playing into the decent spring weather?) and I returned home to enjoy pizza, salad and potato salad for my dinner. Life is good.

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