Thursday, 6 May 2010

Food and thought

Woden's day was a healthy start (muesli & toast) breakfast, followed by scotch broth from a tin and a cheese and chutney sarnie for lunch, sausage casserole, boiled rice and Chinese vegetable dumplings (staff food cupboard had a very odd mix of contents!) for evening meal then a late snack of cold pizza (it was a left over and I cannot bear waste!). Today was muesli again for brekkie, cheese and pickle sarnie, Quavers and a slab of Rocky Road for lunch. There was also a pre voting coffee (mocha) and chocolate tiffin then split pea soup with bread and pate (well and a wee bit of Stilton!) for din dins. And some chocolate raisins. Cheese and chocolate feature a lot in this diet of mine - luckily I have never had a migraine in my life!

Today I was actually tempted not to vote Liberal. There was a Communist candidate standing! However, I stuck to my preferred party (though I have developed something of a habit of voting SNP for the cooncil and Holyrood in the last few years). There, it has focused on the candidate rather than the party in all honesty. So "iacta ilea est" and we shall see what comes to pass come the morrow. Please God, not the Cameroons.

A rather lovely quote from Sister Joan Chittister OSB came up in our Thursday night study group: "Work is not just a job; it is our exercise in miracle making". Of course, it helps if you have one. Time to pray for those who will weild power in the next few years methinks.

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  1. I just took a look at the results as of 7am Eastern Time. It looks like the Conservatives will come out on top, but not with a majority. Interesting. We'll see what happens next. I did see that there will be 6 SNP and 3 Plaid Cymru members. As they say, stay tuned.