Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Pleasantly bl***y knackered!

I have a right to be tonight: 26 1/2 hours on duty (back shift, sleepover, day shift, 2 hrs overtime + 1/2 hour TOIL - Time Off In Lieu to the uninitiated) and I returned to set the table at Emmaus! That said, I had the most gorgeous drive in the afternoon in brilliant sunshine from Dunbar (Are the natives thereof called Dunbarbarians? And if not, why not?) through North Berwick, Gullane and Aberlady. The Bass Rock in the brilliant blue of the Forth reminded me so much of holidays in Cyprus. It was like something from the Aegean, rather than across the Water from Methyl (I mean Methil!). Admittedly the shock of suddenly finding myself as senior on duty with responsibility for deciding on the use of PRN meds gave me an adrenaline surge in the morning and my patience was needed in a car park for 40 mins - but I learned much about swearing in Italian from a colleague! This job is a bit UN like in so far as I was on shift with Polish, Chinese and Italian colleagues, had dinner with Welsh, English, Scots and Australian guests and went to a group tonight which added Dutch and Irish to the mixture. Cosmopolitan? Moi?

A great day - but thank the Lord I'm on the backshift tomorrow!

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