Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Breakfast and other matters of consequence.

I am not a breakfast person. It's a cafetiere of strong coffee, the multi-vitamin pill (that's nutrition I believe) and and a pipe of good baccy before food whilst I listen to Radio 4 in the kitchen. But today in the office I broke the fast with a chocolate eclair. Decadent, delicious and totally wicked! Silly thing is, I actually like porridge, have a packet of raisin wheat's in the cupboard and a bowl of nice healthy citrus on the kitchen bunker. And I don't eat them. Mad I know.

Today's big event is the MU summer nosh up. A 3 course splurge at a local hotel. Pate, haddock and profiteroles. It the same limited menu every year but over 70's seem to be somewhat unadventurous in their eating habits. Still, it always a pleasant wee afternoon.

As you can see, I do like my food!


  1. You changed your pink, kid? I like this one better anyhow...

  2. I just love a chocolate eclair for breakfast. Fair sets up the day!

  3. Kenny, you are such a West of Scotland male! Mind we of the East are not much better. Glad the new colour scheme is approved of. It's called Pricesss! No comment!